Steps to Personal Growth and Enlightenment

The road to enlightenment is moving the contrary way, it is now honestly aware and accepting of the method that you really have been in that moment, and in this letting, you move through every one of the layers of the identification of “me” until you know the foundation of everything you are.
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And the origin of you is nondual. It is enjoy lacking any other to that particular love. It’s peace with no other to that particular peace. If you are an enlightened being you experience the character of everything as unconditional love and peace. It is total flexibility from dualistic perception; freedom from the conflicted rational mind.

How does an enlightened being free you from your rational brain and pride? Truly through teachings, training certain methods like meditation.

But the key way a completely enlightened being shows enlightenment is through only becoming an enlightened being. Simply by being, they naturally radiate the power shake that awakens you to enlightenment. And by sitting together, that power is normally transmitted to you. Their enlightened power shake stimulates you at the core spiritual awakening. Enlightenment starts to be awakened in you before the mind may also understand it. And that makes sitting having an enlightened being the easiest path to enlightenment. And this really is something a spiritual instructor can not do.

So you see, simply by sitting in the clear presence of an enlightened being without them actually talking, you are bathed in this enlightened energy vibration and start to appreciate enlightened experience. You may begin to automatically wake to reality, mind and satisfaction without even having to learn a lot of teachings. More truthfully, you start to unlearn. You start to discard most of the worthless understanding that you’ve been holding about when you begin to experience the truth within you, not in certain teaching.

Today even though there is number change to an absolutely enlightened being, you may also knowledge this enlightened power vibration through sound. Breakthroughs in noise technology suggest that power vibration given by enlightened beings has been recorded and turned into sound. You are able to hear free samples of that enlightened shake converted into meditation audio by visiting “The Spiritual Awareness CD” link below.